Isla promotes “Back To The Outback” on Weekend Sunrise

Aussie morning show Weekend Sunrise aired an interview with Isla and Tim Minchin yesterday, to promote Back To The Outback. She talked about how she enjoyed being able to ‘film’ this role in her sweats in her house, how her family love the film because they miss Australia, and also a bit about Wolf Like Me.

Isla Fisher: A fantastic journey awaits at the library

Actress and author Isla Fisher voices the character Maddie, a poisonous (and adorable) Taipan snake, in Netflix’s latest animated adventure, “Back to the Outback.” The story follows some of Australia’s most dangerous creatures as they embark on a fantastic journey to escape captivity and return to their families in the wild.

Isla wants everyone to know that when you visit your local library, you too can visit faraway places and uncover characters who have their own beautiful story. Libraries offer books, movies, video games, and more that take us on fantastic journeys.

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“Back To The Outback” press interviews

Isla’s been doing press interviews (virtually) for her new animated comedy Back To The Outback for the past few days. Here are the video interviews we can find so far, and this post will be updated as more are released. Isla also talks about her new show Wolf Like Me in some of them too.

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“Back To The Outback” clips & featurettes

Isla’s new animated comedy Back To The Outback was released on Netflix worldwide today! It’s a fun and original movie and I loved the focus on all the ‘scary’ Aussie creatures! Here are a couple of clips from the film plus some featurettes, and we’ll post a few screencaptures from the film soon.

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“Back To The Outback” official teaser

Netflix have released the first official teaser for Isla’s upcoming animated comedy Back To The Outback. The film will be released on the streaming platform on December 10th.

They may be cute, but these moves are KILLER! The hunt is on when a group of deadly animals (with a celebrity koala named Pretty Boy) escape the Australian Wildlife Park and head BACK TO THE OUTBACK! Get ready to shake your “tail” in this new family comedy starring Isla Fisher, Tim Minchin, Eric Bana, Guy Pearce, Miranda Tapsell, Angus Imrie, Keith Urban, Aislinn Derbez, and Jacki Weaver.

BACK TO THE OUTBACK Only on Netflix December 10: